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Elite Wound Care

Our wound team provides compassionate care for people experiencing a variety of medical conditions requiring wound care. Our wound specialists have in-depth training and are able to provide highly advanced, innovative wound care.

Advanced wound care

Our wound care specialists have extensive experience with some of the most advanced wound care treatment options available for healing wounds. The method of treatment applied depends on the type or severity of the wound.

Elite Wound Care

Wound Treatments

Most minor wounds can be treated at home, they usually heal within a couple of weeks. Coping with a serious wound can be a challenge, especially if  the wound covers large areas of the body and is not care for properly. Potential scarring,  and reduced mobility may be the result. Working with a wound care specialist improves your chances of the wound healing correcting and minimizing the recovery time.

Working With Your Wound Care Specialist

Types of Wounds

  1. Puncture wounds

  2. Surgical wounds and incisions

  3. Ulcers (diabetes)

  4. Thermal, chemical or electrical wounds

  5. Stings and bites

  6. Gun shot wounds or high velocity projectiles

Stages of Wound Healing

  1. Hemostasis

  2. Inflammation

  3. Proliferation

  4. Maturation

Possible Reasons Wounds Won't Heal

  • Infection

  • Chronic wound

  • Diabetes

  • Poor circulation

  • Cigarette, narcotics and alcohol use

Symptoms of Wound Infections

  • Cloudy or pus like fluid is draining from the wound

  • Yellow crusting forms around the wound

  • Scab increases in size

  • Increased redness around the wound

  • Increased pain or swelling 

Degrees of Burns

  • 1st Degree~ Red and dry without blisters

  • 2nd Degree~ Red, swollen and blistered

  • 3rd Degree~ White and charred-looking

  • 4th Degree~ Charred white skin possible exposure to the bone

  • 5th Degree~ Charred white skin with exposure to the bone

  • 6th Degree~ loss of skin with exposure to the bone

Stages of Wound Healing

  1. Hemostasis

  2. Inflammation

  3. Proliferation

  4. Maturation

When It's Time For Wound Care

  • Wounds that haven’t improved over two weeks

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