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Elite specialized service specializes in providing a safe place for our community members navigating through drug, alcohol recovery and survival of domestic abuse. You are never alone in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Out team is here to provide support and a strong group of individuals going through the same issues. You are not alone, today 19.7 million American adults are battling a substance abuse disorder, you have a community of people going through the same journey. 

77% of women remain silent about the situation of domestic violence. No one should feel fear in their day to day life. It's not you, or something you've done. You could be living with a person hiding their owns demons, it is not you, you are not alone in the fight to find your inner peace. There are multiple levels of domestic abuse, it comes described as multiple forms, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse. At Elite Specialized Services we help you recognize the level abuse you're living and work with you to develop a safety plan, for you, your peace of mind and even a new beginning. Our team is here to protect you and give you the tools to find the inner you before you were subjected to the wrong life style.

Our mission at Elite Specialized Services is to end the trauma left behind from domestic violence and create a society free from abuse, where all our patients can live with dignity, safety, and respect. We strive to provide compassionate and evidence based addiction therapy that empowers to overcome addiction, achieve lasting recovery and lead fulfilling lives. We strive to support individuals in building resilience, developing healthy coping strategies, and fostering meaningful connections with their communities.

Let’s Heal Together

532 N Telshor Blvd., Ste A, Las Cruces, NM 88011

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Tel: 575.303.2929

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